To Get the Job, Tell Great Stories

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Zanie (not her real name) was 19 years old when I interviewed her for a customer service position. The most refreshing thing about Zanie was how measured and tactical she appeared during the interview. My boss and I were immediately impressed by her readiness, eye contact, and directness.

Honestly, we were wowed before the interview even began because of how well Zanie communicated over the phone. Her phone manners convinced HR to send her over to us immediately.

“She is everything described in the job post,” the HR rep told us.

Zanie’s performance became, to me, a benchmark for how candidates should perform during the interview process – especially when it came to her use of narratives to answer our questions, provide proof of her abilities, and temper out doubts.

Stories are how we prove our value to those we don’t know. People personally connect with us through the stories we tell about ourselves. If you capture the imagination of the interviewers with a good yarn, you can capture their heart, their interest, and hopefully, a job offer. Read more.