Job Search Coaching


Job Search Coaching: Be the Best Candidate AND Get the Job

The best candidate doesn’t always get the job—not without the right guidance.
Our clients choose Benton Search Associates to land their dream job. Cut through the back-and-forth in the hiring process, connect with decision-makers, guided by the more than two decades of proven expertise in the recruitment industry. Benton Search Associates offers comprehensive coaching to elevate your job search skills and fine-tune your interview techniques. We help all ages and career stages. Be the best—it starts here.

Land the right job—be happy at work.

The BSA Coaching Toolkit includes:

  • Sharpen Your Tools: Resume & Cover Letter Critique
    Review of your resume and cover letter, along with high-impact examples to jump-start your resume and get you through the clutter and filters
  • Your Role: Job Seeker
    Maximizing your efforts, looking in the right (and not-so-typical) places, conducting a productive and
    successful job search
  • Navigating Social Media
    Using social media to get you noticed and remembered
    LinkedIn’s untapped tools
    Tips: getting more eyes to your profile
  • Targeting Companies
    Accessing hiring managers and getting their attention
    Knowing the gatekeeper and internal stakeholders
  • Interviewing Tips & Prep Up your game: Understanding today’s interviewing dynamics
    The importance of personal branding
    Prepare and tackl
    e the tough questions head-on and confidently
  • Strategies: must-have follow-up and protocol
  • Job Offers: how to negotiate your dream job
  • Reconnect: BSA 30-day follow-up, progress report and strategy fine-tuning

Mapping your career

Successful job search coaching begins with the basic tools—the resume and cover letter—a glimpse of your skills, expertise, and a bit of personality, too. Prior to our coaching session, you’ll send along your resume and cover letter you’ve created, along with a description of the industries/sectors you’re targeting. I like to call this your “career passion.”

You’re unique and so is your search. We customize, maximizing your talents and interests, by fully understanding you and where you want to be.

Working together, our expertise, your input, we’ll define opportunities—idea-generation/career research, strategies to connect with that dream job, find that often-elusive “best fit,” and put you on the path to that desired career.

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The Session

We’ll conduct a 90-minute teleconference where you learn the strategies and secrets of a seasoned recruiter. This includes screen-sharing, giving you a hands-on, interactive training and learning environment with online recruitment tools.  Whatever your aspirations, Benton Search Associates can help you. We have the experience and know-how to guide your career search and achieve your goals.

Take-Away Tools
Benton Search Associates provides tailored career guidance, with written feedback for resume and cover letter enhancement along with a list of companies to target and industries to consider that maximize your goals, passions and skills.

Call us or send us your resume and cover letter.